Cranleigh Village Hospital’s Heritage Cottage

As we have written about before, Cranleigh Village Hospital’s 15th century,  Grade II listed Heritage Cottage Is no longer used.

Cranleigh Heritage Trust’s   Napper Cottage* Project sets out to save the cottage, and bring it into use for the benefit of our community, providing lovely rooms for hire and great experiences.

NHS – we celebrate the start of the NHS in 1948 here in Cranleigh. Since then, Doctors, Nurses, administrative staff and patients’ relatives have enjoyed meetings, coffee, tea, cake and comfort in the cottage until around 10 years ago. Meanwhile patients in the rest of the buildings were always supported by the community.

NEW INITIATIVE   Cranleigh Society volunteers are working on setting up a new Charitable trust, applying for grants for repairs, creating a business case for this project, drawing up architects’ plans, applying for planning permissions needed for the GII listed  changes being sought, and a peppercorn rent lease with NHS.

 Meetings –  There will be provision of small and moderate sized meeting rooms for the use of the people of Cranleigh. These would be available for social, health and wellbeing group meetings and therapy sessions.

Learning – The cottage could also be used for educational purposes for all ages including schools visits, local societies, voluntary groups and hobby organisations.

History – The cottage is a fascinating 15th century building that has not been altered much over the centuries.  Step inside to experience its charm. There will be some hospital and other local historical items, and there is potential for small scale museum if further space should become available. Guided history tours of the building and also Cranleigh are being planned, with, perhaps, pop up vintage teas at the end.

High Street centre and Information hub – This historical building is much loved and an integral part of  the High Street – opening it up helps with attracting locals and visitors to Cranleigh and helping with information, interest, learning and fun.

Visits – explore this beautiful building’s rooms including upstairs.  Admire the ancient lathe and plaster construction, beams and fireplaces. Full disabled access will be available to ground floor rooms. Browse through the historical items displayed.

Investigate the original surgery story of 1849 and how surgery and medicine have advanced, and be inspired to consider a future health and social care career.

Napper cottage* – newly agreed name by Cranleigh society volunteers for Cranleigh Village Hospital’s 15th century Grade II listed heritage cottage

Cranleigh Society’s new Cranleigh Heritage Trust has embarked on the journey to bring Napper Cottage back to life, bringing benefits to Cranleigh High Street and our community. Once restored the rooms will be managed and run by volunteers.  We will enjoy working with those who bring health and well-being benefits to a wide range of people and groups, and also those providing learning and educational opportunities.

Please assist us here – we have a long journey ahead.  Here are some questions we would like answers to please, you can email or reply publicly.

Cranleigh is a great place to live, work and play – do you find its history interesting too? Would you like to find out more about Napper Cottage’s place in England’s history, the way it was built in the 15th century, and the fascinating stories around the building and Cranleigh and surroundings? 

When you arrived in Cranleigh how did you find out what is going on, and where you can, for example, go for a walk, or a class or toddler group, or transport options?

Do you participate in any local clubs, organisations, classes in Cranleigh or nearby?

Do you use any community support services, and if so are they in Cranleigh, or do you have to travel – how easy is this? 

Would you like more information the Napper Cottage project?  if so remember to send you contact details so we can contact you.  

Thanks so much