Cranleigh Lions Club and Dial-a-Ride Hoppa bus

are providing free to use services for residents who have been asked to attend Cranleigh Village Hall to receive their vaccination AND do not have access to transport.

There is a Covid-19 safe accessible HOPPA bus to take people from their homes to Cranleigh for vaccinations.

What do you need to do? FIRST –  REGISTER with Hoppa providing an email address.  To do this please either go online here  yourself or  contact your street champion to register for you, or phone Cranleigh Parish Council for help.

You can email    Once your details are registered on Hoppa’s database you can phone 01428 681701. to arrange pick up up to a week in advance.

You will need to provide your name, address, contact details and the time and date of your appointment.

This is a dial-a-ride service, and you should give as much notice as possible.


It is essential to get registered first.  This is because your full details must be on Hoppa‘s computers before you travel.

ALTERNATIVES – if  you can afford a taxi there is a company that provides accessible taxis and can also provide a person to stay with you: 

Call Us On: Paul Boyer : 07936 096885   Genna Boyer : 07980 604822  Email:

also ABR taxis have an accessible vehicle –


MOBILE 07944 217 839  EMAIL   ADDRESS A.B.R. TAXIS 12 The Glebe, Ewhurst, GU6 7PZ