All of Our Cranleigh Primary School’s future concerns continue

We are still beavering away as best we can –  after all the letters and emails sent to various people we asked you all to – thank you!  we have received the Officers’ responses and are examining all minutely for gaps in logic and care.

We feel under threat

We feel that Cranleigh is under threat from Surrey County council because they are willing and able to proceed with building a new school on their green fields – but they DO NEED to get planning permission from Waverley Borough Council to build around 90 & 17 dwellings on the old sites in order to part fund the new school and nursery.

They consulted with the right people?

There were invitations to various meetings and on line papers over the years – the issue is that everyone was lead to believe there was actually no choice – to get a new school and nursery we have to have all that new housing – they have done their figures – others have too and just don’t agree. It is clear that a new school could have been built in the grounds of the old one when the 2 sites first joined together!

They are sure they can persuade nearly all the children to walk to school

By creating a very congested set of roads the future is that we will all just walk and cycle – right? Little consideration then for those who have to deliver and collect from more that school or nursery every day, those who live further than 2 miles away – yes those are all meant to walk like our grandparents did – and those who depend on Grandparents and carers who come from far away.  A greener future can’t be created this way…..

Traffic and Safety issues

We know that all Primary school suffer with traffic issues, especially in September with the new intakes!  This scheme however does beggar belief!  Parsonage Road is where people have always parked, including the school buses – now add the cars and vans of those living in the new housing – and the increase in cycling – all to access a tucked away building behind housing on the Common – all of whom will be impacted by the noise and any anti-social behaviour too.

We are trying

Cranleigh Society representatives and councillors have been asked to attend a meeting – on line- soon and hope to represent your views so do write in and let us know details of your feelings – especially if you can “consult” with future parents of the schools and nursery.



We are so sorry to see so many people are having terrible trouble with fresh water supply – we suspect things can only get worse with this long – but beautiful! – drought.  Let’s find ways to clean and water thoughtfully – in the meantime Thames Water really do need to step up and tell us what is happening.

Tummy Bugs

Several people have had inexplicable tummy bugs very recently – from 48 hours to 3 or 4 days.  Could be water connected?  keep in touch

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