Hello and we wish you Happy New Year – whatever it takes!

Please join us at The Three Horseshoes pub this week – Wednesday 8th January – from 6:30 pm.

It is a chance to socialise, and also discuss local issues and what we want to try to do about the problems that concern us – planning applications in particular.

It is interesting to watch the news coming from Waverley BC as the new councillors figure out how to put right too much planning permission, and still pay for services.  This includes Cranleigh Leisure Centre’s rebuild prospects.

Whilst we all battle with our consciences when shopping, travelling and warming ourselves up, making holiday plans and enjoying life to the full, others battle the outrageous conditions foisted upon them, be it poverty, weather or war.  We can choose to sit back, or act – which type are you?

We look forward to seeing you – and we will meet again each month on the 2nd Wednesday at the same place and time.

best regards

Sue and Trevor and the team.

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