“SMART Cranleigh works with partners and groups to improve quality of life and well-being by supporting and enabling community initiatives. SMART Cranleigh produces resources and materials including the Community Calendar and Directory. They are passionate about building a resilient community that is fit for the future and inclusive for all.Together we have a greater voice!

Click here to find out more about SMART villages initiatives both in England and across Europe and the World.

So What is SMART Cranleigh? click here for their web site. It is a Community Interest Company – click here for more information on CIC – manned by volunteers who are available to talk to in Oliver House – next to Cromwell’s tea rooms.  We all know that people in Cranleigh want to live well, be healthy and help each other. The name SMART comes from the intentions to Share their Mission to help people have Active Relationships Together.

SMART also stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed goals.  This is relevant too. SMART Cranleigh is providing networks of people and online resources and a Village Calendar – click here – for all groups to advertise on.  The online calendar is for all groups and activities to join in and advertise their clubs, services and events – such as Charities, Schools, Parish Council, Churches, Arts Centre, Lions & Rotary clubs, GP surgery’s patient group, Food Bank, Knitters’ group and so on.   SMART Cranleigh is also making small important projects possible – joining with other groups to provide what people need -such as more places to sit in Cranleigh streets!  By creating opportunities for the younger generation and seniors to connect for an enhanced mutual understanding of needs; by finding out about the NHS Strategy and working to get the best for the people of Cranleigh, and more….

What’s it like to live in Cranleigh and what problems do people have?  Do you know people who are struggling with finding interesting things to do and people to meet, with remembering the names of things when in shops, with long term ill-health problems, with children, teenagers or elderly relatives, people with special needs such as autism, dementia, hearing loss, loneliness, isolation, lack of technology knowledge, issues around money or practical concerns, problems with self esteem, issues around weight, alcohol, smoking, exercise, transport problems, anxiety around getting to see a Doctor or hospitals, fragility in town because of unsafe pavements, access problems due to needing ramps or grab rails and so on. You probably can think of many other problems people have that are difficult to help with. But with community spirit and the CRANLEIGH CARES motto maybe we can be SMART and get people together for the better – anything is possible.


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