UPDATE – Asbestos in Cranleigh

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Thames Water advised Cranleigh Civic Society on the 20th October that the 3km of asbestos cement pipe that they are replacing in Cranleigh is only one fifth of the total length of the asbestos pipes in the village.

That means that Cranleigh will still have 12km of very old, decaying asbestos cement (AC) drinking water pipes operational in the drinking water network.

Cranleigh Civic Society has written several times to the Government’s Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) asking them to confirm that these old pipes will not be a risk to the health of Cranleigh residents, and we have not received reassurance from them.

The position of Cranleigh Civic Society remains unequivocal.  We think these very old AC pipes in the Cranleigh area should all be replaced BEFORE any new houses are connected to the network.  We think that the infrastructure should be sorted out by Waverley Borough Council first, particularly in this case where, we believe, it cannot be ruled out that there is a clear and present danger to public health.


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3 thoughts on “UPDATE – Asbestos in Cranleigh”

    1. nothing destroys blue asbestos fibres sadly, but the tests done so far for Thames Water – as reported at the Flood Forum – in Cranleigh’s drinking water showed none or next to none. These Findings that are strenuously disputed by Cranleigh society’s experts as the tests don’t appear to have been done at appropriate times or in ways that are meaningful.

  1. We have had massive Thames Water lorries with running engines at GU6 7AT yesterday 1 lorry in the daytime then today they turned up at Nightfall 02/02/18 and have had 3 massive lorries with engines running even blocking the road from 18.00-00.00. What are they doing?

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