CVHT meeting for invitees tonight

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You may be interested to know that CVHT have invited some groups to attend a presentation this evening at Cranleigh Arts Centre 7:15pm.  Details are being displayed at the hospital shop too and a public exhibition is planned for 4 November – let’s find out what they have to say.

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3 thoughts on “CVHT meeting for invitees tonight”

  1. Without wishing to disparage the efforts of CVHT, the proposed design for a new hospital is awful. Over a third of the rooms would receive no sunlight and the elevations are prison like. It is to be hoped that the design for a new hospital would reflect the needs of those who use it, that is to provide a sun filled, reassuring environment in which recovery is actively encouraged by a design that is truly representative of the excellent of 21century medical knowledge and skills. The current offering could easily have come from a cut and paste catalogue.
    We need something much better than this after all the CVHT’s efforts on our behalf.

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