The Pre-Submission Local Plan Part 1: Strategic Policies and Sites setting out the planning strategy for Waverley up to 2032 was published on 19 August 2016.

This shocking plan proposes 1,520 new houses in Cranleigh with an additional 2,600 on Dunsfold Aerodrome, and a further 335 in surrounding villages.

Waverley Borough Housing Allocation June 2016

That’s a total of 4,455 houses in and around Cranleigh.

Please make sure that you add any comments you have about this plan before 5.00pm on Monday 3 October 2016.

After the October deadline, Waverley Borough Council wants to submit the Local Plan Part 1: Strategic Policies and Sites and associated documents to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government later this year, for examination, any comments you submit will be included.


We believe the Local Plan is fatally flawed.

We do not think that dumping 45% of the total housing allocation in Cranleigh, where there is no identified need for this level of housing is sound.

We do not think that the transport assessment has looked at the impact this will have on our local roads, or taken into account safety for road users.

We do not think that the impact on our rivers, streams, biodiversity and air quality has been adequately taken into account.

We do not think that the community engagement with residents on this plan stands up to scrutiny.  The consultation was limited to a 4 housing scenario proposal in September 2014, which only had 4,265 responses (taken as a percentage of Waverley residents this would be 3.5%).  How many respondents were actual residents of Waverley is unknown as well as their location in the borough.

The Cranleigh Society will be submitting a comprehensive response to the Local Plan.

However, please also submit your comments about the plan.  We cannot stress enough how important it is for you to have your say.

This plan hugely affects Cranleigh, the consequences of the unprecedented growth in housing over the plan period will make way for Cranleigh New Town.

If you say nothing this will be taken as implied consent to the dumping of 4,455 new houses, equivalent to another settlement the size of Cranleigh, on your doorstep.

Add your Comments

You can add your comments to the Local Plan in the following ways: –

  1.  Online Consultation Website:

You can view the documents and comment online, via the Waverley Borough Council website at http://consult.waverley.gov.uk .  To submit comments, you must first register on the website. If you have done so already, then you can use your existing username and password.

  1.   Download a Representation Form:

You can also download the local plan document and representation form by visiting http://www.waverley.gov.uk/newlocalplan and following the link to the Local Plan consultation. This can be filled in electronically and emailed back to Waverley Borough Council at planningpolicy@waverley.gov.uk. You can also print the form and send it back to Waverley at; Planning Policy Team, Planning Services, Waverley Borough Council, The Burys, Godalming. GU7 1HR.

  1.  View the documents and collect a paper copy of the representation form

The Waverley Borough Pre-Submission Local Plan Part 1, the Sustainability Appraisal Report and other associated submission documents are available for inspection at the following locations, where you can also collect paper copies of the representation form:

  • Planning Reception, Council Offices, The Burys, Godalming, Surrey, GU7 1HR. Monday-Thursday 9.00 am -5.00 pm, Friday 9.00 am – 4.00 pm. (Excluding Bank Holidays)
  • Farnham Locality Office, South Street, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 7RN. Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-4.30pm (closed each day 12.30pm to 1.30pm) (Excluding Bank Holidays)
  • Godalming, Farnham, Haslemere, Cranleigh and Bramley libraries. Please see www.surreycc.gov.uk/libraries   for their opening times.

ADD YOUR COMMENTS BEFORE 5.00pm on Monday 3 October 2016.