map of the Cranleigh High Street conservation area

High Street Conservation Area Extended

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Waverley Borough Council formally adopted the extension of the Cranleigh High Street Conservation Area on the 19 July 2016.

Cranleigh Civic Society took part in the review and consultation, alongside local historians, representatives of Surrey Archaeological Society and representatives of Cranleigh History Society.

There were several changes made, the main ones being the extension of the Conservation Area to include the south side of the High Street and Cranleigh Common.

Previous Conservation Area (blue line):

Map of Cranleigh Conservation Area in High Street

New Conservation Area (blue line):

map of the Cranleigh High Street conservation area

This extension of the area will ultimately help to safeguard the heritage and design assets of Cranleigh village centre.

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One thought on “High Street Conservation Area Extended”

  1. Well done! However, I hope it will not exclude the design and construction of decent 21st century buildings from this area. The prospect of yet more terracotta, square armadillos is not one I look forward to!

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