Waverley Environmental Health, who we are very pleased to report have been extremely helpful, regarding the sewage spill on the Elmbridge Road, have confirmed that Thames Water have identified the cause of the recent sewage spill as a collapsed sewage pipe, which is located under the garden of a property on the Elmbridge Road.

However, for some reason Thames Water have advised the occupants of the property that the necessary works will not be completed before 18th May.  Anne Milton MP, having been alerted by residents’ emails, after a request on our website and Facebook page, is now involved and has asked for works to be brought forward.

You Must Report Incidents!

We have been told that, when sewage issues occur, it is up to you, as residents, to report the incident to Thames Water (24-hour customer service team on 0800 316 9800), and you also need to contact Waverley Borough Council’s Environmental Health on 01483 523393, or email environmentalhealth@waverley.gov.uk separately.

Apparently, Thames Water does not automatically inform Waverley Borough Council, or even the Environment Agency when there is a sewage leak.

Yes,  it is also up to you to report incidents to the Environment Agency (0800 807 060),  if you think that a culvert and/or a watercourse is threatened by sewage.

How people are expected to know this, we have no idea!

It seems ridiculous in this age of instant 24/7 communication, that these details are not shared between organisations.  How hard would that be!

We think that Thames Water should HAVE to inform both the local Environmental Health office and the Environment Agency about raw sewage incidents.  Tell us what you think?