14 October 2015

A big thank you to those who signed the petition asking for new and effective calming measures for the single track priority road system over the Wey and Arun canal, Elmbridge Road Cranleigh.

In the space of 3 weeks, 493 people gave their support. Importantly, the majority of people also wrote comments which clearly indicate that in their day to day experience the road is dangerous. Many examples were given of accidents, near misses and reversals along the single track. Confusion continues to reign over who has right of way and drivers fall foul of the blind spot which does not have a signpost to warn users of the road.

The Help Elmbridge Road petition was presented to the Local Waverley Committee on 25 September 2015. Here is the formal response from the meeting from John Hilder (Area Highways Manager at SCC) and Alan Young, Waverley Borough Councillor:

“The Area Highways Manager reported that discussions with Surrey Police and Ms Weldon’s family have taken place. It is envisaged that a scheme involving revised signage and Vehicle Activated Signs will be developed to assist drivers. Mr A Young, as the local county councillor, welcomed the petition and confirmed that finding a solution is top of his list of infrastructure needs for Cranleigh. The chairman confirmed that the Cranleigh and Eastern Villages Task Group would consider the matter when developing its priorities for the 2016/17 programme of improvement schemes.”

There is no agreed funding yet. It is understood that there are two sources of funding through the Road Safety Working Group (Surrey County Council) and/or the Cranleigh and Eastern Villages Task Group, in competition with other proposals.

More help is needed to support the Help Elmbridge Road campaign

The daily incidents and accidents continue. Here is a photo from the latest car crash on Sunday 11 October 2015. This is the third time that the Wayside, Elmbridge Road has had its fence destroyed. Replacements have in the past been at the residents’ own cost.

Car Accident Elmbridge Road 11-10-15

There is now a Facebook page.

Please go to the Facebook page and like, comment and post any experience of problems along the single track priority road system.

Or, send an email to helpelmbridgeroad@gmail.com. There is no formal monitoring of incidents and accidents (except those reported to the Police) so the campaign is taking this on.

Please help by taking action!