Cranleigh 1000 Club – first draw June 15th at St Nicolas Church.

The event is Queen Six, and the prize money will be £100. To be in this draw, please email by 13th June to 

So – why join in? 

Those volunteers who are working to save St Nicolas church building – built around 1170 – and those working to save Cranleigh Cottage Hospital’s heritage cottage – built around 1446 – would like to involve the community –

How to join – Join Cranleigh 1000 club – buy a number (or more) for £5 per month.

How it works – half the money raised will go to the winning number!

the other half will be distributed between 1170 – charity that raises funds to conserve the building of St Nicolas Church – and Cranleigh Heritage Trust – charity that raises funds to conserve Cranleigh cottage hospital’s heritage cottage. This is fully authorised and compliant with the Fundraising Regulator.

The more you feel able to buy the better your chances of winning

The aim is to sell 1000 numbers – which means you have a one in a thousand chance of winning, significantly better than other games, can we get there?

When the draws take place – every month, at a Cranleigh event

Help Cranleigh’s historic buildings to be conserved and available to support ours and future generations. You can help restore, preserve and future proof two iconic Cranleigh Heritage buildings and have a chance to win a cash prize every month as well.

please email to complete a form – thankyou