As we get older our bodies change and so all medication should be reviewed in a timely fashion.

Long term medication reviews needed:

If you or someone you know has been on medication long term and not had a recent review, it would be wise to request one.

We know of someone who recently almost died because their medication was no longer suitable. The person collapsed at home and was rushed to A & E where eventually the doctors realised the cause.   The current prescription, for high blood pressure, caused a significant drop in BP and the collapse. It could have been fatal. In addition the medication they had been on had been superseded by a more modern and effective drug.

All surgeries are experiencing extremely high demand, for example 800 calls on a Monday morning. Their main reason for not being able to respond to all is literally they cannot recruit and retain enough staff.  They have a statutory duty to provide enough staff for the number of people in the village but cannot get to that marque. We all understand and appreciate how hard our Medical Practice is working and the pressure they are under,  but we must also remember to care for ourselves and our loved ones.

Please request a review, it can help if you write to the practice rather than phone.

Please pass this on.