Surrey Wildlife Trust and Cranleigh Society are putting together some free live training

Dipping in our local river “Cranleigh Waters”

Mayfly Monitoring Training course  Cranleigh Band room

Friday 16th 10 till 2:30

Join us for this Free training session to help us protect Cranleigh’s waterways. 

Learn how to sample and identify the different species living in the local streams. 

Training involves:

Presentation on Mayfly life history, collecting a sample from the local stream and identifying species from the samples. 

All Covid compliant and health & safety risks assessed. 

The Project

In partnership with Thames Water, Surrey Wildlife Trust are working to restore the Cranleigh Waters back to a thriving river. To do this we need your help. We are recruiting volunteers in the area to join our team of regular riverfly monitors who sample the aquatic life that lives on the river bed. 

Get involved and find out more! 


or call Cranleigh Society rep Sue

07946 590347