“I’ve been helping a Welsh friend research her family history.  She has just discovered from the 1939 register that her father, Reginald Thomas, who was killed at Arnhem, was working before the war as one of two chauffeurs at Knowle Park.  I can find very little out about Knowle Park, apart from that it was the site of an early 19th century major house, which I believe may now have been restored and converted to a nursing home.

Has anything been published about Knowle Park that would give my friend some insight into the lifestyle at this establishment at which her father worked?  This was previously a completely unknown part of his life following a falling-out between him and his parents on his return from university.  It is unexpected too since he was from a farming background.

Any information you can give would be very much appreciated.From the 1939 register it appears that by then Knowle had either been sold or leased to an elderly stockbroker called Dermot Bendoe-Wilkinson, who lived there with his wife Vera, two daughters, and a son described as an “assistant stockbroker”, and they had a very large staff.  Presumably Knowle became available for sale or rent after the death of the last of the Onslow family, who seem to have occupied it before, but the information on the various historical sites on line is difficult to make correct sense of by someone like me who isn’t familiar with this geographical area.”