Thames Water have still not been able to locate the source of the raw sewage in the brook running along the boundary of the old site for the Cranleigh village hospital.

map of raw sewage entering watercourse in Cranleigh

It’s been just over two months since we posted the original article about Thames Water on our website and the problem is still no nearer to being resolved.

Thames Water have spent many days attempting to find out where the sewage is coming from, using underground cameras and tracing dyes. They have identified a single property on which they have served a 30 day notice on the owners to rectify one issue. They also identified a further 8 properties that they thought may be adding to the problem, however after running further tests it appears that they have now failed to find the source of the large quantity of sewage that is entering the surface water drainage system. The area remains on the Environment Agency’s ‘Priority hot spot list’.

Thames Water has now booked a further specialist tracing contractor to carry out a more detailed investigation. The Cranleigh Society remain in regular contact with both the Environment Agency and Thames Water regarding this issue.

Local residents have been saying for some years that Cranleigh’s sewage system is over capacity and cannot cope with more houses being connected to it. Planning permission has already been granted for nearly 300 new dwellings.