Cranleigh Civic Society is Formed!

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Notes from Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group meeting 6 October 2014:

“Today the Cranleigh Neighbourhood Plan Housing Group has resigned en masse.

The reason being, despite all the hard work that we have put in to developing the Neighbourhood Plan so far, we believe it is powerless to help Cranleigh at this critical time, and we believe we are giving false hope to the Community.

We feel we stand a much better chance of making a real difference against the current development onslaught on Cranleigh, by setting ourselves up as a Civic Society.

For those not familiar with Civic Societies, the following description is taken from the Civic Voice website;

“Civic Societies can be provocative, stubborn, forceful, inspiring and outspoken on behalf of the places they care about.

They are fiercely independent and grassroots organisations.

They will celebrate and encourage positive action and be forthright in resisting damaging change.”

We believe that the Cranleigh Community will be better served by a Civic Society at this time aimed at giving the people of Cranleigh a real and stronger voice.”


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