Preserving our tree heritage

We’ve had quite a few residents contact us and the Parish Council with concerns about the trees in and around Village Way Cranleigh. One of our committee members raised the matter at the Parish Council meeting of 23rd June. Simultaneously we have applied for a Tree Preservation Order on the magnificent oak tree by the tennis courts.

Many of us are concerned that the proposed new leisure centre and the ensuing enlargement of the car park, will create harm to this splendid specimen. Concern and of course, rumour, has been swirling around the trees besides the Band Room and the Parish Council offices.

We have been assured by the Parish Council officer and councillor that there is no threat to any of these trees and that the area around the oak will not be covered in hardstanding in any way.  As we all know the tree roots extend out generally to the same area as the tree canopy covers above, so we will be watching carefully to see what transpires.

We are waiting a response from Waverley tree preservation team, but it is likely our plea will be rejected because they do not believe the tree to be under direct threat. Incidentally the tree in question is on Waverley Borough Council land.

Watch this space!

In the meantime if you are concerned about particular trees you may find this – here – link helpful  

Our Parish Councillors are on the case

At a recent meeting of Cranleigh Parish Council they discussed Surrey County Council and the Forestry commission’s project to plant around 34,000 in Surrey! – click here to read more.  Defra has opened round two of the Local Authority Treescapes Fund (LATF) to increase tree planting and natural regeneration in non-woodland areas. The fund is part of the government’s Nature for Climate Fund and will directly contribute to achieving our ambitious tree planting targets. £5.4 million will be available through LATF this year (2022/23) for planting trees outside woodlands. We expect that up to 100 grants worth £50,000 to £300,000 will be available for local authorities, working together with community groups, volunteers and NGOs.

Trevor Dale

Chair, Cranleigh Civic Society