Cranleigh Arts Centre – Auction of Promises – Friday 14th June, 7.30 – Free entry, 23 prizes and a fun raffle – go along to this fantastic event!

Cranleigh Arts Centre is a Jewel in Cranleigh’s Crown – continuing to keep a very high standard of wonderful live music of all types, theatre, comedy, live Screenings from the Royal Opera House, arts workshops for adults and youngsters, Films, and hosting many U3A classes too. 

Cranleigh Arts Centre is run by a Board of Directors, a few staff and many hard-working, dedicated volunteers. The Arts Centre has to make sure the building is continuously cared for and repaired in the style in which is was built, pay its staff, put on all its activities, with a very small grant from Waverley, revenue from events and a few major fund raising events. Cranleigh society supports CAC and hopes you can and do as well.

Auction of Promises Fundraiser

The Great Get Together

Sunday 23rd June 10-12 noon – The Great Get Together – carrying on the work of (murdered) MP Jo Cox – bring your community together and enjoy each other’s company – just because we can!


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