Cranleigh Society – no meetings in August

Cranleigh Society – no meetings in August

Cranleigh Society usually enjoys gathering and chatting over village issues once a month – but we won’t be meeting up in August due to holidays – but of course you can!  

9th September – from 6.30.  Do join us at our next meet up – 2nd Monday in September in the Three Horseshoes pub. 

We have our other meetings on 4th Tuesdays each month but in one of our homes.  

We will be meeting with Waverley Borough Council in September hoping to progress your views and needs.

We are also finding out about Anne Milton’s Flood Forum in September and will let you know soon.

we wish you all a great August – whatever it brings!  hope it’s not too hot, cold, wet or dry!

best wishes from the team



Cranleigh Society – no meetings in August

Come and chat Monday 13th May Cranleigh Society social

To prove the doubters wrong, Cranleigh Civic Society is alive and well. We have a new chair, Trevor Dale and new members and supporters keen to help Cranleigh grow in a way that builds on and enhances everything we love about it.

Trevor has been resident here since 1975 and has been an active member of the redoubtable Cranleigh & District Lions Club for 37 years, twice serving as President. The club is thriving and always welcoming people keen to help serve the local community.

So why does Trevor want to help the Civic Society? Well he’s been close to it for a while and believes it is a worthwhile group and Terry Stewart, who has served as hard-working chair recently has been forced to quit due to personal health issues.

Several of the founding members have moved on, having contributed masses of research and lost quite a bit of sleep. Some, such as Liz Townsend, have gone on to tackle the local political route to try and help keep Cranleigh what it is.

The new society members have the same aims and perhaps a slightly different direction in addition. Development, we know, is inevitable so what can we achieve? Well we think that not losing sight of what is good could help? Just focussing on negativity can damage morale and raise apathy. We applaud the liaisons that Terry put in place with  Waverley Borough Council other important bodies, because standing outside just attacking people, while it can occasionally produce benefits, all too frequently closes down communication avenues. Some improvements have been made and we will always bring our very real concerns to their attention – like a dripping tap – hoping they will eventually improve things.

So may we reassure you that the Civic Society will keep up the pressure on those who have influence and control over our lives but through dialogue and not accepting bland brush-off statements.

This week we had a meeting set up with people at Waverley but they called it off at the last moment due to the changes in the councillors.  Not surprising in the wake of the drubbing they’ve  received at the recent polls.

So, what are we focused on? We continue to keep the water pressure up (pun intended) on Thames and Waverley BC. Specifically, we want testing done on the actual pipes we have in Cranleigh under burst conditions. Waverley BC are ultimately responsible for our water safety and they must seek evidence that it is safe – not the other way around – proof that it’s dangerous. After all other parts of the World (Australia and New Zealand) won’t be spending huge sums on renewing pipes on a whim.

We will continue to fight to keep the recycling centre open but we need to have a plan B. The future looks bleak for Cranleigh’s CRC.

How can we ensure that maximum recycling takes place locally? It’s amazing  how many misconceptions we carry about what could and could not be recycled – have you watched some BBC videos recently? Maybe we all need better education. We certainly should be fully aware of what happens to our current street collection material. Where does it actually go? How much is actually recycled? Do we need to be more careful about how we recycle?

Let’s get together and if our Monthly Mondays don’t suit you – please get in touch and we get meet up for a chat and action planning too!

best regards from all of Cranleigh Civic Society team to all our members


Cranleigh Society – no meetings in August

Cranleigh Society Social 8th April

Cranleigh Society Social 8th April – The Three Horseshoes, Cranleigh, from 6.30 pm – news at 7.15.

We invite you to join us – you can order a meal or snack at the pub or not -up to you.

We will tell you all what has been happening and what we are doing now – at about 7.15.

If there is one topic you are especially interested in you can group up with like minded people and work on that subject only, then report back when you can.

We won’t change the world but we are having small successes.  Let’s speak up for Cranleigh both young and old, wild life and business, fun and serious.

see you there?

best regards



Cranleigh Society – no meetings in August

Mon 11 March, Three Horseshoes pub – Cranleigh Society Social

Mon 11 March, Three Horseshoes pub – Cranleigh Society Social

Please join us at any time from around 6.30 onward.  We enjoy a drink, chat and some of have a meal too.

Ok – help is definitely required please!  We have many small jobs to do to keep the Society going well – finding things out, writing publicity, responding to our members, attending meetings and sharing information.   Also we go to all sorts of other groups to find out, join in and help.

AT our last meetings people agreed to attend Parish Council meetings and look into the topics ready for the next Flood Forum on 22nd March,10.30 Band room (we have a PA system)

Please come along and chip in, offer help and knowledge, and generally have a nice time too – it’s social!

best regards,

the team

Society News

Society News

Spring has sprung! Lots to report – please read on…..

Cranleigh Society Social meetings – Monday 11th March From 6.30 at Three Horseshoes pub – remember you can order food if you would like to – some of us do.  And please remember we need your support and ideas.

COMMUNITY!  If  you belong to another group in Cranleigh please contribute to our cause – are you a member of a Resident Association, or similar – then we would like to hear from you!

This Week – Cranleigh Parish Council needs you! 

Village Hall on Wednesday evening 7pm to discuss the hospital project CVHT  hostel for health workers & HC-One private care home plus 20 NHS & SCC beds

Village Hall on Thursday all day and early evening to discuss Cranleigh’s Plan – Cranleigh Neighbourhood Plan.  It has been written, we have to respond then it goes to an inspector, then we have to vote!  And only after that all succeeds can Cranleigh be better off regarding planning permissions because it has an Adopted Plan!

Meetings with Waverley Councillors & Officers continue

Cranleigh Civic Society and Waverley Borough Council Officers and Borough & Parish Councillors met up to discuss concerns and prompt ACTIONS.

They urge the community to communicate strongly either to Cranleigh Parish Council or Waverley Borough Council or any group such as Cranleigh Civic Society so that your voices can be heard. In turn they weigh up all the responses and in the context of the law and their own strategies.

The topics and questions covered are the key questions you all ask us.  The responses are in some cases detailed and satisfactory and in others we must continue to try to get improvements and changes.

Waverley is working hard – to reduce costs and confusion, and reduce the problems they have to deal with – by communicating better and responding where possible in helpful ways.

Community Recycling Centres – Waverley agree that if  these services close to save Surrey County Council money, WBC will have to pay for the removal of fly tipped matter – so please everyone write to Cllr Andrew Povey and explain your ideas about what to do. He is leading a task force and has asked for everyone’s suggestions/evidence to keep the CRC open  e.g. levy our Parish precept as we do to ensure the toilets stay open? email:

Most of you will most likely have seen and signed this petition to keep our recycling centre open (it’s had a brief stay of execution but it’s days are numbered) but if not please do! Unless of course you don’t mind having to schlep over to Witley or the other side of Guildford at the weekend to dispose of any waste… Click on link, share with friends. It takes 5 secs.

Drinking Water pipes – please report problems and bursts to Cranleigh Parish Council so that they can continue to press Thames Water to sort them out, They need replacing whether or not there is a health risk associated with bursts (blue asbestos fibres).  We are hoping that someone in authority can help the World Health Authority to set up a new world wide investigation into the use of asbestos cement fresh water pipes.  Come to the flood forum 22nd March for more – we will have microphones and a PA system – details below.

A comment about our water pipes has been found reminding us of the complicated nature of it all – “The National Water Council spent 4 years and a lot of money trying to develop a method of resin lining asbestos cement pipes to slow down exfoliation, but in the end they gave up as no one could come up with a reliable, lasting installation method.  Some of the pipe manufacturers sprayed the insides of their pipes with bitumen, but the NWC tested that and found it didn’t last long so they never endorsed it”.

Flooding – it’s essential that you report flooding to Cranleigh Parish Council so that they can press Waverley BC and all other bodies that keep the house buildings going on. Photos with dates and times are essential please.

Cranleigh Leisure Centre – Waverley have paid for outside expert advice and consulted with Cranleigh Parish councillors who in turn say they have their “ears to the ground” and know what people want. Waverley must now decide what to do next but it’s delicate because the Leisure centre is run by an outside business and they have the right to be dealt with in private.

Planning permissions  – if you can’t find out how to tell Waverley how you feel about planning permissions please contact the Clerk at Cranleigh Parish Council for the reference number and details.  All PPs go to our Parish councils as soon as they are made. Glebelands school sports pitch has long since been assumed to be given up for a new Cranleigh Primary school – but there are problems….. Cranleigh School – private – has withdrawn its application to build 40 houses opposite Notcutts. The housing along Elmbridge Road is being built – watch and report!  HC-One Care home with 20 hospital beds for the community, and CVHT’s hostel are both being looked at by Waverley at the moment – see above item about the meeting this week.

The future of sport in Cranleigh – Waverley have a department that works on providing sports facilities. They state that Cranleigh school – PRIVATE – was never involved in the building planning permission levy – Section106 money for a new all weather pitch in Cranleigh.  Something is being considered if and when there is planning permission for Surrey County Council to build on Glebelands sports field (it has been reported that this field is unused because is floods).

Lost income from levying builders – S106 & CIL – it’s complicated!  Let’s just say it’s all a matter of delicate decision making to make sure houses are built and money comes in for small projects – not major roads etc. The CIL – COMMUNITY INFRASTRUCTURE LEVY  – can be used after March 1st 2019.  but at the discretion of the council. When S106 or CIL money becomes available is a complicated matter…… we have been explained to and we have a spreadsheet if you are interested.

Trees and Hedgerows – Waverley says that trees impact is part of the planning balance required by national policy.  We say Waverley’s strategy must be strengthened.  Do you have photos and details of destruction or better of protection needed?

Planning conditions – must be undertaken – if you believe some builder is breaching conditions or don’t know what conditions have been put in place then contact –  Victoria Choularton is the Enforcement Team Leader on 01483 523008.

Communications – The Waverley Borough Council officers say their team always welcomes feedback on what can be improved and what works well – any suggestions can be sent to: In the mean time people are welcome to sign up to the existing newsletters on the council’s website:

Some of Waverley’s  processes and methods are being upgraded thanks to pressure from the public including Cranleigh Civic Society. Meeting up with Waverley regularly is clearly very important.

If you would like more details –  join us when you can – 2nd Monday in each Month – at the Three Horseshoes Pub any time from 6.30pm, 11th March.

MP ANNE MILTON’s FLOOD FORUM FRIDAY 22nd MARCH 10.30 BAND ROOM – we will have MICROPHONES and a PA System. This meeting will include preparation leaflets to help participants understand who is on the panel, the language and the issues.  We have borrowed the Lions PA system – thank you Lions – so let’s get a good crowd going – bring evidence of what is wrong.

CRANLEIGH’S RIVERS & STREAMS – message from Glen at Surrey Wildlife Trust

A history of poor management and pollution has left the Cranleigh Waters a shadow of its former self so Surrey Wildlife Trust are working with the Cranleigh community on a 3 year project, funded by Thames Water, to improve the health of the river. Understanding the issues is key to restoration so in 2018 volunteers were trained to monitor  river health by sampling invertebrates on the river bed whose presence can tell us how clean the water is as well as pin point pollution and habitat issues. Monitoring is done in pairs and involves taking a 3 minute kick sample with a net to collect invertebrates such as mayflies. The invertebrates are then counted and the score can tell us what sort of state the river is in. By taking a snap shot of the catchment using this method we can focus our efforts to maximise our impact. Later in the Summer there will be a number of volunteer restoration days installing habitat in to the stream to create opportunities for wildlife and kick start natural processes. A rivers workshop will also be held in the summer to present the findings of all the investigations to the community and look at next steps.


Cranleigh Society – no meetings in August

Cranleigh Society News

Cranleigh Society News 9 Feb 2019

Firstly – Social –  join us at The Three Horseshoes pub on Monday 11th Feb, any time from 6.30pm – let’s share a drink, chat and action plans too. There is always an option to buy meals or snacks too. 

Next – Cranleigh Society asks – What would YOU say and want to know from Waverley if you were sitting in a room with their undivided attention?  Our next meeting is coming up.

Soon – What would YOU ask MP Anne Milton when she next comes to Cranleigh?  Flood forum – Friday 22nd March  10.30am Band Room – VERY Important YOU attend. We will provide information sheets and hope to sort out the lack of microphones by then for the Band Room. Let us have your worries and questions please.

Surrey County Council consultations – so here’s the thing – our democracy requires many things such as hard working officers working for the community and elected Councillors, such as consultations – when they get to points where they can see a large impact on communities – and they have to count them and take their views into account. So if we don’t write in etc. we don’t count!!! Please go onto the Website for Surrey County Council consultations and read what they have put up. BTW – if ever you can’t – please go to the library and ask for help with the computers there – it’s your right and this too could be taken away if not used enough.

Cranleigh Parish Council – all public are welcome to their meetings – and there is a moment in those meetings when the councillors are free to discuss matters more openly when the public are excluded – reasonably. Local planning applications are considered by members of the Planning Committee on a three weekly basis.  The Planning List of planning applications to be considered by the Committee is displayed at the Council Offices. Look at their web site – meetings for dates – they change!

There are twelve Parish Councillors who take an active part in village life and who are elected to represent the community. The Council has adopted a Business Plan for the period 2019 – 2023 which can be viewed here.  CPC looks after many amenities – Snoxhall fields, village Hall, Cemetery, Allotments, and also lists information about ROAD CLOSURES, REPORTING FLOODING, DEFIBRILLATOR, FIRST RESPONDERS.

Cranleigh Neighbourhood Plan is up for reading and commenting up – please see their web site – click the top tab Neighbourhood plan, then Draft, then Regulation 14 consultation!


Thank you for reading this far – please do join in