CALL TO ARMS! Cranleigh Society Needs your help

CALL TO ARMS! Cranleigh Society Needs your help

CALL TO ARMS! Cranleigh Society Needs your help…

Please support us with your voices!

Band Room – 7pm – Meeting & AGM – Tuesday 26 June 2018

Let’s talk about all the threats and opportunities for our way of life in Cranleigh – what can we do, what do we know, what can we influence going forwards?  

Public bodies such as Waverley BC, Surrey CC, Environment Agency, Thames Water etc.  DO work with Civic Societies INCLUDING US!!!  Please help us to truly represent feelings in Cranleigh – our Household number is around 5000 now – so we need at least 10% of those households represented – so 500 – PLEASE help us to help us all!

Did you know that our Planning Authority – WBC – put conditions in place that they have difficulty ensuring are kept to?

Did you that all our authorities rely on the public for information about all sorts of things such as pot holes, crumbling masonry, tree felling, floods, droughts, and house builders doing things they shouldn’t? 

You probably know that the Planning Inspector demands Waverley  BC builds HALF of Woking’s Housing allocation and has increased Waverley’s BC’s own House Building requirement to at least 590 per Year? in addition – 

Waverley Local Plan demands Cranleigh builds at least 1,700 houses by 2033 – many of which are built or being built – 

Berkeley Homes: 425 houses on fields behind Sainsbury’s; Crest Nicolson: 268 houses west of Horsham Road, Cranleigh; Cala Homes: 140 houses off Amlets Lane; KPI Nurseries: 265 houses on farmland south of Berkeley Homes site; Hewitts: 120 houses, some three stories proposed, on old industrial estate; Thakeham homes: 75 houses on floodplain with exit onto Elmbridge Road and many more.   Local Plan says Dunsfold must build 2,600 Houses for now…

How many more will we be asked to build in the next 15 years?  Will Berkeley & others build EXTRA down Knowle Lane… Where will YOU park in Cranleigh with all these new Shoppers?  Is Parking to be BANNED around the Common? Snoxhall parking now metered…  Is Stocklund Square to be  re-developed?    WHAT IMPACT WILL THIS HAVE ON OUR ROADS AND INFRASTRUCTURE?   We all know that The A281 to Guildford will be BADLY AFFECTED but Surrey County Council has not yet planned for this….. The existing Sewerage Plant cannot cope with these EXTRA homes……. but Thames Water won’t be dealing with this until the homes are built and creating……  demand.  We know the Sewerage outflow leaves Cranleigh Waters unable to support life……  Thames Water has explained that nearly One-Third of Cranleigh’s drinking water pipes are made of asbestos cement of 50 to 70 years old – some is made of deteriorating Blue ASBESTOS cement – these tiny fibres are impossible to destroy…… 

JOIN the Cranleigh Civic Society to help monitor, comment, improve and fight these CHANGES!