News! January 2019

News! January 2019

News! January 2019

NEXT CRANLEIGH SOCIETY SOCIAL – 11TH FEB from 6.30, Three Horseshoes. do join in any time –

Cranleigh Parish Council – have agreed some aspects of the planning application by Cranleigh School (Private) – we thought the land opposite Nottcuts was protected by the Neighbourhood Plan? Comments Please. They are not agreeing with the housing opposite Nottcuts apparently.  phew!

Surrey County Council have allowed Farnham to keep their Recycling centre (tip).  Cranleigh’s Recycling centre will remain open for recycling for now –  They will no longer accept ‘black bag’ waste, the waste that goes to landfill. This is how they intend to make enough savings to continue to keep Cranleigh recycling centre open. This will be monitored over the next 6 months but they were confident that enough saving could be made to keep our centre open.

Waverley and Cranleigh society – meetings to continue – what are you most concerned about at the moment?

FLOOD FORUM with Anne Milton MP – next one is soon – so please tell us if you have knowledge of sewerage coming up where it shouldn’t or flooding or other water issues.

RIVER FLY Lavae counts  – we have had some training so help is always welcome.  Thank you for offering, we will be in touch soon.

RIVER TIDYING – we need to find out more about this – we have been told that fallen branches etc. may be good in certain areas and NOT to remove them please.

RIVER QUALITY – our team will contact those who have shown interest soon, thank you


Cranleigh “Rivers”

Cranleigh “Rivers”

Cranleigh Rivers – Are you interested in country walks, finding water courses with a friend and seeing what you can find in the bottom of the water? Then please contact us and offer your help. thank you.

Cranleigh Waters is not a river or a stream. It is a network of brooks and rivulets which merge and then drain into the River Wey at Shalford.

Most of us will cross over one or more of the many tributaries of Cranleigh Waters on our way to school or village,  and will probably have noticed that the flow can be either a trickle or turgid surge – in other words ‘flashy’

Like most watercourses, pollution from agriculture and human activities can have a devastating effect on plants and animals which live within. The big question is whether we want Cranleigh Waters to be a flourishing habitat for wildlife or just a drain.

The Environment Agency , Surrey Wildlife Trust and others have granted monies to improve our waters this year but we need your help – whether measuring river “flies” (tiny lavae – great indicators of overall water quality) or building small structures to improve flow or just general tidying up.

Fish only thrive when the water is at good quality, providing an excellent habitat for the tiny creatures the fish eat. These tend to be water shrimps and the lavae of May flies etc.

County Needs You!

County Needs You!

Subject: Surrey Waste Local Plan: Publication of Submission Plan for representations

Visit and complete the questionnaire. Views need to be submitted by 24 February 2019.

Last month, Surrey County Council’s Cabinet approved Surrey’s new Waste Local Plan for publication. We are required to produce the plan which contains planning policies and potential sites for new facilities to manage the county’s waste.

Before it can be adopted by the county council, it now has to be submitted to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government and examined in public by an independent planning inspector.

Residents and businesses together with all other stakeholders, including districts and boroughs, now have a final opportunity to comment on our Submission Plan, and have their views considered by the inspector. To do this they can visit and complete the questionnaire. Views need to be submitted by 24 February 2019.

We are running a communications campaign on digital channels to reach residents and encourage them to share their views on the proposed plan. Please do encourage residents, businesses and stakeholders to feed in their views.

We are encouraging representations to be made online where at all possible. Nevertheless there is the opportunity to submit representations by email or in writing. Hard copies of documents will be available at district and borough offices and by calling 03456 009 009 or texting 07860 053 456.

For more information, please visit the Minerals and Waste Planning Policy webpage for the new waste plan: Or if you wish to contact an officer in the Minerals & Waste Policy Team please email and they will get back to you.

Surrey County Councillor

Trees & Waverley’s planning enforcement rules……

Trees & Waverley’s planning enforcement rules……

The Council has received a number of requests for Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) in the countryside adjoining Cranleigh, due to the current pressure for housing delivery that may potentially endanger old trees and their wildlife. The council says it is therefore taking an equitable approach to such requests. The Council are liaising with larger scale developers and land owners to work towards providing sustainably planned development.  

It is not in the developers’ best interests to undertake pre-emptive felling as this will not expedite planning permission. Those at Waverley do not believe this is a practice associated with potential development sites of the size referred to that have been put forward for consideration. n.b. equitable means fair in law.

Waverley’s website about planning enforcement says:-

“What does not constitute a breach in planning?? ………

The following examples do not breach planning control:

  • vehicles parked on the road or on grass verges (unless this is associated with the unauthorised use of a property) 
  • running a small business from home 
  • clearing land of undergrowth, bushes or trees (not covered by a Tree Preservation Order)….”

However the removal of a hedgerow can be an offence under the Hedgerow Regulations 1997 (unless formal notification etc) but according to Waverley clearance of undergrowth, bushes or trees will not be (unless covered by a TPO) !

The concern about protection of trees, hedgerows and wildlife is not ours alone. Many local residents are greatly concerned. Unless protections are put in place, it takes only minutes to fell a tree (or indeed the trunk of a dead tree which is providing habitats for many species of wildlife and roosting places for birds) or to disturb hedgerows, even if the developers say they are working towards ‘sustainably planned development’. Replacement of old and ancient large trees with small saplings means the wildlife has no where to go whilst the trees are growing.

It has already been pointed out what the terrible results at Little Meadow -down Alfold Road near The One Stop have been. Magnificent large trees were felled and hedgerows ripped out to simply be replaced with ugly and non wildlife friendly boarded fences!!! They maybe easy to maintain but we believe they should NOT be allowed. The previously cited the offence under the Hedgerow Regulations 1997 is in place but

a. we gather that it is not an offence if appropriate notification is given – how do local residents know what is happening in this regard before it happens??? and 

b. how would we know if the developers merely say they are clearing undergrowth, bushes or trees (unless covered by a TPO)

When chain saws start it is too late for us to do anything about it!!!

We need to protect existing trees and hedgerows!!! – please help us to pursuade Waverley planners to reconsider its position re imposition of TPO’s on the numerous trees which should be protected now that the planning application has indeed been made – WA/2018/2074- Cranleigh School’s application opposite Notcutts

” Land Centred Coordinates 504755 139827 East Side, Guildford Road, Surrey- Erection of 40 dwellings (including 14 affordable dwellings) with new vehicular accesses and associated works”

YOU CAN add your thoughts on Waverley’s website




They are proposing to close the Cranleigh Recycling Plant 

– Do you want to drive to Witley with YOUR Rubbish ?

The Council has already carried out one Consultation on their Recycling Centres Plan (Rubbish Tips) and in all 3 Alternatives they proposed to close the Cranleigh Centre.

That Consultation finished on January 4, 2019. However they held a Cabinet Meeting on December 18, 2018 to finalise their proposed Waste Plans,

so they obviously did not take into account some of your comments on closing our tip.

It is important that you now send your comments on the proposed Surrey Waste Plans.

So please look at their Plan on :

The deadline for sending your comments is February 24, 2019.

Please send your comments by email to :

or by post to : Waste Planning Policy, Room 385, County Hall, Kingston. KT1 2DW.

PLEASE make your points on how our Waste Policy should be protected, in this time of massive Council cuts.