Downs Link – does it need upgrading?

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Downs Link – does it need upgrading?

Some people think that other countries are much better at encouraging outdoor activities; even for those who can only go for walks, bike rides and push-chairs or wheelchairs travel.

Have you ever visited French, German, American or other areas where it’s just normal to find well maintained paths in and around towns, villages and the countryside?  Are those places popular with good quality tourists?

So how would it be if money from all the building works was spent of making sure we have a great footpath all along the Downs Link?

Wouldn’t it be great to no longer fear the railway line after rain for all the black mud created up one’s back when cycling, all over the dogs and unable to use push chairs and wheelchairs?

Our Waverley would have to be made very aware of this public desire.  Let us know – by contacting us directly!

Further reading: Guildford to Cranleigh route.



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The Wey & Arun Canal near us

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A section of the Wey and Arun Canal is apparently Under Reconstruction  near us here in Cranleigh.

As you drive along Elmbridge Road between the One Stop and the A218 the narrow hump with traffic calming is a sort of bridge over it.

How would it be if that part of the road were made into a proper double width bridge travelling responsibly over the Canal? It could then be dredged and restored.

But who owns the land and will it ever happen? How could Surrey County Council ever afford such a project?  Would you support it?

You might like to join the Wey & Arun Trust and support the wonderful work they do – for wildlife corridors and fresh air lungs for our built up areas



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Cranleigh Society Socials confirmed

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Cranleigh Society Socials Confirmed

We  invite you to join us when we  meet in The Three Horseshoes pub on the second Monday in each month from 6.30. Come and go as you please – this is sociable time but discussions around the issues that worry us all are more than welcome.  Discussions too about what has been done, and what can be done in the future will always be part of the point of meeting up.

If you intend to buy a meal it can be best to let the landlord Peter know in advance.

We look forward to seeing you November  12th; December 10th; January 14th and so on

with kind regards

From Sue and the committee

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Taking our Christmas Lights in Cranleigh for granted?

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Do we take our Christmas Lights in Cranleigh for granted?

Many shops have sadly had to close since last Christmas. What may not be common knowledge is that it is Cranleigh Chamber of Commerce (a small percentage of Cranleigh’s businesses) who make sure we always have Christmas lights and a lovely Christmas tree.

Looking ahead to this Christmas, they are looking for new, excited and generous sponsors for the cost of lights.  This includes: storage, erection, and dismantling plus repairs and renewals, which can cost thousands  and are not guaranteed.

Can you help or know of potential sponsors who might like to be a part of helping light up Cranleigh this Christmas?

RSVP by replying to this post or contact us directly here.

We thank you for your help in advance.

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Freshwater Watch annual Water Blitz

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Freshwater Watch are carrying out their annual Water Blitz in the Thames Region which involves volunteers taking samples of their local watercourses.  For those of you that are interested in taking part please see the details below:


We would like to invite you and your fellow members of Surrey Wildlife Trust again to join us on the 19th and 20th October for the autumn’s Thames Water Blitz as part of a great number of efforts to understand the water quality in river Thames catchment. This year, we are running a two day Water Blitz which coincides with the start of half-term for the majority of schools. We hope this will be a good opportunity for schools and families to join in with freshwater research.

The Thames Water Blitz is a two-day event held in spring and autumn where volunteers in the Thames Valley collect as many water quality samples as possible. The purpose is to get an overview of the water quality in lakes, ponds and streams throughout the Thames Valley.

This Water Blitz will be the seventh such event and it is timed to coincide with the regular Thames sample run undertaken by the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) as part of a long-term monitoring programme of the Thames and its tributaries. Along with data collected by CEH and data held by the Environment Agency continued Thames Water Blitz efforts complement monitoring by providing information from areas and water body types that would otherwise not be monitored. This could be a particularly interesting Water Blitz given the UK heatwave this summer.

Click here to read what Dr Steven Loiselle has to say about the UK water crisis and the importance of water monitoring. Water Blitz is also a fun learning experience for any volunteer that is interested in their local environment, and would like to learn more about water quality.

By following this link:, you will be able to find further information and results from previous Thames Water Blitz events where we have partnered with Wild Oxfordshire and the Freshwater Habitats trust (amongst others).

Please feel free to email if you have any further questions.


Glen Skelton – Wetland Landscapes Officer

Surrey Wildlife Trust

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Cranleigh Society Meet ups

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Cranleigh Society would like to invite you to socialise with us perhaps once a month to chat comfortably over the issues that concern you.

We are now 4 years old and have morphed from working incredibly hard to fight all the planning applications when needed.

We are working to make sure Cranleigh voices are heard by the Councillors and the three Council’s Officers and Important bodies; such as Thames Water, the Environment Agency, Members of Parliament and insurance companies and their governing body.

We write, email, speak and meet up with all sorts, raising the awareness of problems where we can. BUT! It is your input that helps us make sure we’re raising the issues that matter.

In order to make a regular meet up work, we’d like to gauge an idea of when, where and what times work best for the majority.

For example: the second Monday in the month at the Three Horseshoes pub, from 6.30pm including supper?

Please give us a little feedback of what might work best by commenting on this post or emailing us directly. We’re keen to get this starting from November if possible.




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Your opportunity to question Waverley

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The next meeting between Cranleigh Civic Society and Waverley will take place on Monday 29th October at 3pm.

Is there something you would like us to raise on your behalf? Please let us know ASAP, either by responding to this post or emailing We can then write to ask for a response on that day.

Many groups and individuals have concerns about how our elected Councillors and our paid for Council Officers make decisions on our behalf and spend the money they collect.

Some of the Questions we are pursuing:

  • What is the current rate of Borough Recycling to act a a base for comparison with future achievement ?
  • What are  proposals to improve communication to the Community ?
  • Can there be an Annual Presentation by the Council Leader – in say December – to all Resident/Community/Commercial Groups on the Council’s Objectives for the following Fiscal, with planned Expenditure /Rates ?
  • Please can CCS be included in the monthly report to the Parish Council on : Section 106 Funds unspent, Proposals for spending Section 106 Funds.
  • When the Cranleigh Neighbourhood Plan is finally approved, can the CCS be informed of the 25% of the CIL that will be available to the Neighbourhood Plan Committee to decide on ?
  • When will the Sewerage Plant be expanded to cope with the new houses in Cranleigh ?
  • What can be done to deal with the serious environmental problem of the Sewerage Plant discharge into Cranleigh Waters, especially when the hot weather has meant the flow is dry ?
  • When will the Waverley Infrastructure Delivery Schedule be updated, since there are so many information gaps ?

Questions on Planning, etc.

  • What is the genuine need for meetings between Developers and Councillors, and Developers and Officers?
  • Is Development in Waverley  transparent and understandable?
  • Could Pre- planning Appliations meetings be minuted, and published on the web where possible?
  • Can the Status of Planning Applications be updated promptly on the Planning web, so we can be informed promptly of decisions?
  • What is the proposed timetable for developing/replacing the Cranleigh Leisure Centre?
  • Are there any proposals to merge Councils in Surrey to achieve savings, as there are in many other Counties ?
  • Since the proposal to install an all-weather pitch at Cranleigh School is for a private commercial school, can these Section 106 funds be diverted to install an all-weather pitch on Cranleigh football fields ?

If you think there is anything we’ve missed, please take this opportunity to let us know and we will report on Waverley’s reply.

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MP Anne Milton will conduct the next Flood Forum meeting on 12th October 2018 10.30 to 11.30 in the Band Room – the public are welcome to come and raise issues.

If you can’t attend please let us know your questions by commenting on this post or alternative email us your questions and we will send them on to Anne in advance.

Who will be there?  Anne invites representatives from many public bodies including Surrey County Council (highways) Waverley Borough Council (Planning) Environment Agency (statutory advisory body) Thames Water (drinking water and sewage disposal).

It may feel strange to consider the problems of flooding after the unprecedented dryness of this year.. However, flash floods caused by heavy downpours are a really possibility. Furthermore if we get a period of sustained heavy rainfall there be flooding as usual.

You are invited to the meeting, and also to arrive early for informal chats and coffee provided by Cranleigh Civic Society.

In addition, if you would like to join us afterwards at the Three Horse Shoes, please do!  We are planning to have a bite to eat and continue with our friendly conversations.  We look forward to seeing many of you.

RSVP or send questions to:

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CVHT – Where are our hospital beds?

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Cranleigh Village Hospital Trust (CVHT) invite us to Cranleigh Baptist Church to hear from their contracted partner firms HC-One on 11 OCTOBER 2018 at  3 till 8pm.

The proposals are for the following planning permissions:

2 new buildings and parking on “The Paddock” field of Snoxhall Fields.

One is a Care Home with hospital beds and the other is a block of flats or bedsits, hopefully to be taken up by staff of the Care Home and hospital beds.

RSVP via and we hope to see you there!!

Further information can be found here:


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The final touches are being made to Cranleigh’s Centenary Garden in Snoxhall Fields over the next couple of months, with the installation of the poppy sculpture.

We are planning on an opening ceremony at 11.00 am on Saturday 10th November. There’s too much going on the next day to fit it in on the Sunday. Please aim to arrive from 10:30am.

It will probably last 30 minutes and Robert Napier the Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Surrey has kindly agreed to do the honours.

It has been very gratifying over the months bringing this lovely garden to life seeing the pleasure it is bringing to the residents of this village. I don’t think I’m exaggerating to say this community endeavour is helping to bring people together.

If you can make it we’d love to see you there.

On Sunday 11th after the lighting of the beacon by the parish council offices, plans are to have the garden floodlit for the evening and by then the scouts and guides and other younger members of the communities will have made 415 paper plate poppies – each with a name of one of our fallen – all hanging in the garden.

Dates for diary and useful links:

Opening ceremony of Centenary Garden: 11am Saturday 10th November (arrive from 10:30 -11)

How to find the Centenary Garden: The site backs onto Hitherwood, opposite the children’s play park on Snoxhall Fields. It can be accessed from the Co-op/Leisure Centre car park and by the footpaths from Hitherwood and from beside the Cottage hospital. View a map here.

Click here to read more about the Centenary Garden.



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