Members of Cranleigh Civic Society were extremely vocal at their recent AGM in their criticism of Waverley Borough Council.  They are angry about the unsustainable and unfair dumping of more and more housing in Cranleigh.

Waverley are using an unfair balance of power, with only 5 councillors out of a 57 representing only Cranleigh wards, and two of those (still in situ) having declared a pecuniary interest in development in the village,  to continue to stuff housing on to our countryside at all costs, whilst paying lip service to Cranleigh’s residents and Neighbourhood Plan.  It’s a complete disgrace.

As long as it’s not on Godalming, Haslemere or Farnham’s doorsteps, the Waverley Councillors will just keep cramming it on our green fields, whilst justifying their actions by protecting the green belt around the councillors own backyards.  Despite the fact that all of their towns are near to major roads, train stations and employment.

The balance of Waverley’s power has swung too far and Cranleigh people are not in the mood to be ignored any more. “Waverley takes no notice of us ” was a common remark on the AGM evening.  “We have written, we have told them what we think, they ignore us”.  Another resident said “They’re [Waverley] accountable to no one, let’s get rid of the lot of them, it will save us a shed load of money.  I’d rather throw my hat in with Surrey and hope for the best.  It’s time to look at the whole local government set up around here and make it start to work for us rather than jobs for the boys.”


Liz Townsend gave her Exiting Chairman’s Report to the crowded room, following the voting in of Phill Price as the new Chair. The other posts voted in for the coming year were Adrian Clarke as Deputy Chair, Jane Price as Membership Secretary, Diane Littlewood as Treasurer and Secretary.

There was a call for new committee members, especially for a new secretary, and for researchers.  Anyone who wishes to be considered for these roles should contact any member of the committee.

A petition, asking MP Anne Milton to ask for an independent assessment of the risk to the health of local people from the asbestos cement pipes in almost 30% of the drinking water pipes in Cranleigh, was signed by many at the AGM.

Click here to sign the petition.


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