New Application Knowle Park Initiative!

New Application Knowle Park Initiative!

We can’t really figure out why a new application was necessary for the Knowle Park Initiative (KPI), other than it means that everyone who objected previously against this application has to resubmit their comments.

However never fear it only takes a few minutes and here is the direct link to the application on Waverley Borough Council’s planning portal

Your Waverley Councillors are saying that EVERYONE in the village wants this application to go ahead. We don’t think that’s true. But YOU need to tell your councillors that. We can’t do it for you. Please email them or write TODAY and copy in the Cranleigh Society

(Always include your Full Name and Address in any correspondence.)


Waverley Councillors for Cranleigh are:
Brian Ellis – ;
Patricia Ellis – ;
Stewart Stennett –;
Jeanette Stennett – ;
Mary Foryszewski –

Please copy in the Cranleigh Society to your email and your MP Anne Milton or write to Anne Milton c/o 17a Home Farm, Losely Park, Guildford GU3 1HS.

If you want to write to your Councillors, they can be reached at the Cranleigh Parish Council Offices, Village Way, Cranleigh, Surrey GU6 8AF.

We still have a chance to influence how our village will grow through our Neighbourhood Plan.  But if all this development goes through we will have NO say.

The new application submitted by KPI has no real changes. However they have now clearly identified that they rely on the success of the Berkeley Homes appeal for 425 dwellings. Partly because they need a direct footpath to the high street linking one vast housing estate to another. If you support this application it will open the door wide for Berkeley Homes as well.

KPI are applying for outline planning permission and they are NOT builders. If you’ve been swayed by pretty pictures then beware the detail of the type of housing will only be approved when FULL permission is granted.

West Cranleigh Nurseries map new footpaths over The Maples site

These two applications amount to an extra 690 dwellings for our village and with the 300 dwellings already approved (Amlets Lane, Horsham Road and Cranleigh Brickworks) that makes a grand total of nearly 1,000. And should Hewitts brown field site and Little Meadow green field site also be approved that increases to a massive total of 1,195 dwellings for our village.

That is a HUGE increase of over 25% in our housing numbers.


This would amount to an explosion of housing over the next 5 to 10 years and would result in traffic chaos from huge construction vehicles alone, especially affecting Alfold Road, Elmbridge Road, Knowle Lane and the High Street, as well as Amlets Lane and the Horsham Road.

This would mean nearly 3,000 more residents and at least 2,000 more cars descending on Cranleigh in a very short period of time. And we don’t think that Waverley will stop there! We believe that they want to dump even more housing on Cranleigh’s green fields making it a large TOWN in this part of the borough, resulting in misery for existing residents and gridlock on the A281.

We understand that it can feel overwhelming but we are actually really strong if we STAND TOGETHER.

  • Please write/email your Waverley Councillors (email addresses are listed towards the top of this post) and tell them you don’t want this application and you support the work of Cranleigh’s Neighbourhood Plan.
  • Please object to the Knowle Park Initiative application on the planning portal or simply resubmit your previous comments.

Not sure what to write?  Don’t worry we have a list of points from the previous application on our website page just scroll down to the “Points to consider section:”.

Or you can use any of the following general points taken from the Waverley website or

  • loss of light
  • overlooking / loss of privacy
  • parking / loading / turning issues
  • increase in traffic
  • noise and disturbance
  • loss of trees
  • road access
  • proposals in the local plan
  • previous appeal decisions
  • local, strategic, regional and national planning policies

Here is the direct link again to the application on Waverley Borough Council’s planning portal

Together we CAN make a difference.



Berkeley Homes are appealing Waverley’s decision to dump 425 houses on open countryside South of Cranleigh High Street.

  • Our Parish Councillors said No to Berkeley Homes
  • Our Waverley Borough Councillors said No to Berkeley Homes
  • Hundreds of Cranleigh residents said No to Berkeley Homes

But Berkeley Homes is not listening.  We need to SHOUT LOUDER!

Can you do ONE thing to Save Cranleigh?

Write to your MP Anne Milton and say to her that you “SAY NO TO BERKELEY HOMES” and include your name and address.  Then get one friend or family member to write too.


Poster Cranleigh Says NO to Berkeley Homes Appeal

Thames Water Cranleigh Sewage Update

Thames Water Cranleigh Sewage Update

Thames Water have still not been able to locate the source of the raw sewage in the brook running along the boundary of the old site for the Cranleigh village hospital.

map of raw sewage entering watercourse in Cranleigh

It’s been just over two months since we posted the original article about Thames Water on our website and the problem is still no nearer to being resolved.

Thames Water have spent many days attempting to find out where the sewage is coming from, using underground cameras and tracing dyes. They have identified a single property on which they have served a 30 day notice on the owners to rectify one issue. They also identified a further 8 properties that they thought may be adding to the problem, however after running further tests it appears that they have now failed to find the source of the large quantity of sewage that is entering the surface water drainage system. The area remains on the Environment Agency’s ‘Priority hot spot list’.

Thames Water has now booked a further specialist tracing contractor to carry out a more detailed investigation. The Cranleigh Society remain in regular contact with both the Environment Agency and Thames Water regarding this issue.

Local residents have been saying for some years that Cranleigh’s sewage system is over capacity and cannot cope with more houses being connected to it. Planning permission has already been granted for nearly 300 new dwellings.

McCarthy & Stone Appeal Waverley Decision

McCarthy & Stone Appeal Waverley Decision

UPDATE 4 February 2016 – McCarthy & Stone appeal REFUSED

Save Our Homes

Residents of Penwerris have received notification that McCarthy & Stone are appealing against Waverley Borough Council’s decision to refuse planning permission for a luxury block of 25 flats for over 55’s. The appeal has shocked residents who are desperately concerned that Penwerris on the Horsham Road will be bulldozed and that they will be homeless.

Cranleigh Parish Council members objected to the application by McCarthy & Stone and it was also rejected by Waverley Borough Council planners on several grounds. Full details are available on the Waverley planning portal.

Currently this Victorian house, part owned by Surrey County Council, is home to 21 low wage earners. It is Cranleigh’s only proper affordable housing. These people have nowhere else to go.

Please don’t let this happen.

Email your MP Anne Milton and tell her what you think about this social cleansing.

We are waiting for the application to appear on the Planning Inspectorate website and will then add these details so that members of our community can also submit their objections online.

You can read more about the McCarthy & Stone application on our website