Thakeham Homes Elmbridge Road GRANTED

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Last night Waverley Borough Council granted planning permission for 54 houses on the worst site in Cranleigh for new houses on the Elmbridge Road.

The developers Thakeham Homes say they pride themselves on the quality of their homes and yet they are building houses smaller than nationally set space standards between a smelly sewage treatment plant and a river that regularly floods. New residents will need pegs for their noses and water wings.

However, on a serious note the drainage for this site is being put in an area that we know floods regularly so will be completely useless when its needed most, as is the children’s play area, we hope that anyone who lives there keeps a careful eye on their children, as we know how quickly the river can change from a low to high state and how quickly it flows in times of flood.

The Joint Planing Committee accepted (10 to 8) the new “expert” estimated advice that the flood zones on the land had now miraculously moved since the last time it came before committee in JUNE 2017 and they ignored local residents, the Parish Council and expert evidence put forward by our Councillor Liz Townsend that the flooding had been much worse in December 2013 than was being stated and was at the very least 45.194m. They also refused to look at photographic evidence presented by Councillor Jerry Hyman from Farnham, that showed both a water mark on the pumping station on the Elmbridge Road, taken in December 2013, as well as flood detritus, that proved the water had been over a 1 in 1,000 years predicted flood event. We have had at least two floods of this magnitude in 50 years – 1968 and 2013, so more of 1 in 25 years! Far from the flood zones being reduced, they should have been increased and the safety of new residents and people living further downstream should have been paramount.

As a chartered insurance broker I am acutely aware of the fact that these new residents are not guaranteed flood insurance, in fact they could end up with new (and very expensive) homes that are frankly worthless.

Yet another development in Cranleigh bringing our total new houses up to nearly 1,400.  In a race for a housing figure corners are most definitely being cut and it is Cranleigh residents that will be left with all the mounting problems.

We hope that the articles on this website will assist any new residents when they need to make an insurance claim in the future.

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3 thoughts on “Thakeham Homes Elmbridge Road GRANTED”

  1. This decision illustrates precisely the attitude of the Joint Planning Committee and its Chairman, Cllr Isherwood (who speaks from his large, comfortable home in Hindhead) towards dumping houses in “poor old Cranleigh”. A refusal to discuss fully important evidence on recent flood levels reinforces the opinion that numbers only are what is important and was disgraceful, with total disregard of the suffering predicted for the unknowing future new residents who may unwittingly buy these uninsurable millstones.
    It isn’t only the NPPF which is in disrepute, it is the attitude of the planners who interpret virtually all of the nuances in favour of the developer. Even if we could get rid of the present lot it will be too late for Cranleigh as we know it.

  2. This decision is going to mean misery for the residents in and around the Elmbridge Road in Cranleigh, and will have a ‘ knock-on’ effect for the residents as a whole. Of course, that will not make any difference to the council or the property developers, as our opinions and feelings have not been considered as usual. When we get flooding in that area, and because of new building it will be even worse, all the residents should sue the council and the builders, and anyone else who took the stupid decision to build on that land. They have consistently ignored warnings of flooding, traffic congestion and very old, weak bridges. Another bad decision taken by the council, with no regard for the residents at all.

  3. This decision by Waverley is insane. Three years ago my father nearly drowned at exactly this spot because of flooding. The bridge is massively dangerous and the 14 new signs plus road markings make no difference at all to the speed/behaviour of drivers. 54 new houses means very probably approx 100 more cars; quite apart from the fact that houses will flood regularly (I know because my father lives there and the fields are very often flooded). As usual, decisions taken by ignorant councillors who don’t live in the area and therefore don’t care. What can we do to stop it?

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